Rainbird ESP controllerSpring Special $190

Upgrade your Rainbird ESP controller to a WiFi controller that can then be controlled by any WiFi connected device anywhere in the world. This means smartphone control and programming from anywhere and as a bonus you will be able to use ET (Evapotranspiration rates) to automatically adjust the timing based on weather conditions. The Rainbird ESP WiFi controller will lower the watering rates based on rain and/or moisture levels in the air thus saving you water and money. Let us know if you have any questions.

Non compatible Controllers can be replaced with a new WiFi Controller starting at $450 for control of the irrigation system anywhere in the world with WiFi access. Contact us for more info.

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Greenscape Irrigation

Spring Startups

We recommend not starting any systems until after May 15th, as weather dips below freezing and there is enough moisture in the ground to sustain landscaping growth. For assistance, book online with Greenscape, starting at $95.